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About the WTRC

The Waushara Tourism Resource Commission (WTRC) was formed in October of 2006 to administer a room tax from lodging establishments for overnight guests staying less than thirty (30) days.

Sunset Waushara
Sunset Waushara

The room tax is not a personal or property tax but is a tax collected by lodging establishments. A percentage of the tax stays in each municipality collecting the tax and the remainder is sent to the WTRC to increase awareness of Waushara County, the end result being to increase the local economy.

The Commission is made up of representatives from each of the municipalities that have adopted the lodging tax and, as stated in Wisconsin Statute 66.0615, two members from the hotel/motel industry. Each municipality appoints their own representative to attend meetings and vote on the distribution of funds to increase tourism.

A request for funds can be presented from any event or activity to advertise outside of Waushara County with an intent to bring in tourism and overnight stays. The Board reserves the right to evaluate each request for funds as to the impact on the community in regards to awareness and economic stimulus.

More information on requesting funds