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Requesting Funds

These are guidelines to be utilized by individuals or groups requesting room tax funds:

  • Identify the target market [print, radio, TV]
  • Vicinity marketing area designed to encourage visiting Waushara County
  • Advertising budget for overall proposed event/project
  • Date(s) of event/project
  • Estimated attendance
  • Type of event/project
  • Other forms of promotion for this event/project
  • Length of event/project (not longer than one year)
  • Dollar amount requested (promoting event/project outside of Waushara County)
  • Estimated economic impact
  • Contact name, address and telephone number
  • Follow-up after event/project to summarize results of the event/project, including copies of receipts for event/project at least to the amount spent outside of Waushara County
  • Attendance at the annual funding meeting is not required to receive funding, however, attendance can be used to provide addition information and/or answer any question concerning the event/project that Commission members might have
  • Commission event/project funding is determined by the Commission after consideration of application(s), any additional information provided, and answers to any Commission Members’ questions

Request Funds

request funds form visit our forms page or complete the funding request form below.

Funding Request Presentation Meeting

  • Annual funding request meeting normally a Thursday in November or early December, 8:00 am, Silvercryst
  • Annual date determined at the Commission’s September or October meeting

Follow up

Note: an event/project followup report must be completed after the event/project.
event/project follow up form visit our forms page.

    Funding Request Form

    Name of Event/Project:

    Amount Requested: $

    Total Budget For Advertising:

    Total Proposed Cost of Event/Project: $

    Estimated Attendance:

    Date of Event/Project:

    Please submit a brief description of your event and how the proceeds from this event will be utilized in the community.

    Contact Name:

    Contact Address:

    Contact City:

    Contact State:

    Contact Zip:

    Contact Telephone #:

    Contact Email:

    Enter the text into the space provided.